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24-7 dispensed prescription collection service


24-7 dispensed prescription collection service

24-7 dispensed prescription collection service

Leybourne Pharmacy has installed the Medpoint prescription collection point.

This means you can now access your dispensed prescriptions 24 hours a day and hence a convenient solution for you to collect your medication whenever you can from Leybourne Pharmacy.

Please use the NHS App to order your medication and collect it anytime from the Medpoint collection point outside the Leybourne pharmacy. If you cannot order through NHS app, Leybourne Pharmacy can produce a repeat form for you to take to the surgery or you can go to the surgery online ordering system if the surgery has one. 

What is MedPoint? 

MedPoint is the only British-made automated prescription collection solution that provides patients with a safe, quick, and secure way to collect their repeat prescriptions 24 hours a day 7 days a week giving patients convenience.

Why patients like MedPoint:

Modern life is busy & many patients can struggle to get to the pharmacy within normal opening hours.

Increased convenience:

Improves patient experience with reduced queues, the ability to have quality face to face consultations, and access to prescription collection 24 hours a day

Reduced interaction:

For those who’d prefer to limit their contact with others or with healthcare settings in general, the simple QR code collection element means they don’t have to go inside the pharmacy premises to collect their medication.

How does MedPoint work?

3 simple steps


Place the prescription bag on any vacant MedPoint shelf. The bag is auto-scanned and links the prescription with the shelf number.


The patient receives an automated text with their unique MedPoint collection PIN.


When they’re ready, the patient goes to MedPoint, enters their PIN and collects their prescription.