Ear Micro Suction Service

Ear Micro Suction Service

Ear Micro suction service is available now on an appointment basis.

Build up of wax in the ear?
Quick pain-free Ear micro suction service is available here. Book an appointment for a consultation on 01273600638 or email info@leybournepharmacy.com.

All procedures are undertaken by fully trained and insured pharmacists in a clean environment in minutes.

Removal of wax safely and effectively reduces infection risks.
No Water flushing and safe for perforated ears and mastoid cavity ears.

We can offer a before and after picture of the ear canal plus free wax-softening olive oil during the initial consultation.

Consultation – £30; Prescription costs vary depending on what is prescribed.

Removal of wax in one ear plus consultation £50.

Removal of wax in 2 ears plus consultation £70.

Aftercare information is provided.